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Breaking Bad - Season 5


Breaking Bad returns for a final batch of 16 episodes.
8 will air this summer and the final 8 will air in 2013.
The new season premieres on Sunday July 15th on AMC.

Now that Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) has been "dinged," the focus will now return to Walter and Jesse, and how they handle the opportunities (and challenges) before them. Not to mention the many (many) secrets that will be revealed. - Source
Gilligan does have some very interesting things to say about the direction Walt's life is taking as the series moves forward. With Gus gone, Walt is moving up in the world. "What is a world like where he is not at death's door at every turn," Gilligan ponders in the video below. "But is in fact ascendant and triumphant. That's what you're gonna see in Season 5." - Source
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