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The Sunday episode dealt with Beck having his disc stolen and having to get it back. Apparently losing your disc causes your personality/memories to fade. It was an interesting episode because Tron actually went out in the field to help Beck find his disc.
Oh, I missed that one. I was curious about it. I feel they usually don't make enough use of Tron/Boxleitner.
Yeah, it was nice to see Tron actually do something, since he's the expert badass and Beck's mentor, but the story really suffered because the ending was all about revealing why Tron's so standoffish and the A plot focused way too much on Beck for that to be perceived by the viewer until Tron came out and said it. If they had dropped the Zed/Mara subplot, they might have had more time to make it feel like a natural development, not a last minute contrivance to resolve Beck's plot.
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