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It's funny though, because if you choose Spacer, you basically had a peaceful upbringing and your mom (or dad?) is an admiral in the fleet. I *think* that comes up in ME3, and you're given an opportunity to ask if they're okay after the attack on Earth, but I could be making that up.
After Rannoch, Hackett tells you that Hannah Shepard has been located, recruited for the Crucible project, and promoted to Rear Admiral.

And I just realized that, even though I'm pretty sure one of my Sheps had a Spacer background, I never went through the Spacer quest in ME1...
Good to know. I've got two Spacers, I'm actually about to start one of them right now. I don't recall my Colonist or Earthborn Shepards' backstories contributing to the game, but then again, only the Spacer's really fits.

It would have been cool if the Earthborn meets up with a fellow former street rat who's now fighting for the Alliance. Maybe they could have put Javik on Mindoir instead of Eden Prime. I always did find it kind of weird that they never showed one of Shepard's potential homeworlds, even if just on the galaxy map.
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