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Ian Keldon
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Higgs bosuns, inertial damping, artificial gravity, and Star Trek

I am excited by all this discussion of the Higgs Bosun particle/field in "real life". This has obvious implications for Treknology, offering an explanation of how some of it might work.

Since the bosuns are the means by which other particles acquire "mass", manipulating the bosuns in the field could either increase or decrease the mass of objects within the field.

Run a modified Higgs bosun field through deck
plating and it's apparent mass increases which in turn increases it's apparent gravity (since gravity comes from mass ultimately).

A computer calculated Higgs field applied to a ship and it's contents along opposing vectors to extant motion would cancel out inertial effects.

And lastly, the subspace driver coils said to be built into impulse engines (esp 24th century ones), hyper-accelerate the exhaust plasma, producing multiple times the amount of thrust per unit of mass expended that it should. Passing the exhaust plasma through a densified Higgs bosun field would be a good theoretical explanation for this effect.

Very cool to be able to tie real science into Treknology, isn't it?

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