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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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As far as Garak in this episode...I would have thought enduring the treatment the Bajorans did would've taught him a lesson--but no. I hate to say this...but I would've liked to see him suffer more. He deserved it.
Well there's morality for you. Really Garak isn't so much an evil person as a person who lacks any morals whatsoever. Evil people usually know what they're doing is wrong on some level, even if they try and justify it. Dukat's a good example of this for example. Good, evil, right, wrong, these are just labels others use to define themselves and often enough limit themselves, to Garak.

Garak had the same outlook when he was in power and when he was in exile, and even in this episode when he's in the proverbial slave pens. One side had the power and used it. That was just the way it worked. He would apply that power ruthlessly if need be when he had it. Likewise he expected the people who had it in this episode to apply it equally ruthlessly.

Really the only two people Garak seemed to break this mindset over were Tain and Mila. His parents, and what a screwed up family that was. As for Garak deserving to suffer? Well I'm sure there are varying opinions on that. I will say one of Star Trek's themes was, that humanity was supposed to be beyond such base desires.
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