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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

95. Carlos (A-)

Carlos -- At 339 minutes, it took me a week to make it through this three-part bipoic, but it wasn't because the film was boring. The movie is stylish and dynamic throughout, without ever being distracting, most of all during the bravura hour-long sequence detailing the 1975 OPEC hostage crisis. Cast-wise, Edgar Ramirez is a revelation in the title role -- it's a shame he didn't get the part in the forthcoming Star Trek movie -- and most of the supporting cast is rather good, too. The only flaw, really, is that Carlos' ultimate fate is to go out with a whimper rather than a bang, but this is true to real life and sort of befitting to a character who can never quite accept that he has become irrelevant to geopolitics in the 1990s. Although it's a French-German co-production (I can only imagine the two-dimensional villainous bent an American version of Carlos' life would take; thankfully this film offers plenty of nuance and complexity), many languages are spoken and most of the dialogue is actually in English.

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