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There was also a unique quest & other dialogue changes in ME1 depending on your origin. Pretty sure that got dropped by ME2, though.
Yeah, each origin story got their own quest in ME1, but that became irrelevant by 2.

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^There were corresponding emails, but that's about it. Thankfully ME3 made more use of both the origins and the career history stuff. But yeah, using those for the dreams did actually occur to me (I think I even posted it in this very thread a few months back) but realistically speaking, while a nice idea it would have been expensive in terms of memory and assets. Also a bit awkward to pull off if a player picks 'Spacer' & 'War Hero'. I mean where's the crippling emotional scars in that combination? Conversely, 'Colonist' & 'Sole Survivor' might be a but too much.
And yes, the emails!

It's funny though, because if you choose Spacer, you basically had a peaceful upbringing and your mom (or dad?) is an admiral in the fleet. I *think* that comes up in ME3, and you're given an opportunity to ask if they're okay after the attack on Earth, but I could be making that up.

Either way, the lesson is that they probably shouldn't have overpromised on the impact that the player had over their Shepard's character arc... because ultimately, shoehorning in one story to fit all players is just going to leave some people disappointed.

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When the game tells you that millions of humans are being harvested by the Reapers everyday and you're off having coffee with Liara at the cafe or shooting beer cans with Garrus, there's already a disconnect. Forcing this new narrative element onto the player in the third game - especially when she has already seen two human colonies (Eden Prime and Horizon) wiped out and basically brushed it off, it just seems awkwardly written at best.
I wonder how many humans died while I stood there listening to the Blasto 6: Partners in Crime billboard in its entirety.
It's an RPG staple! You can spend hours arcade snowboarding while you should be heading to North Crater, searching for nuka-cola while the Enclave is gathering forces, etc. etc. It's weird, amusing, and I've honestly gotten kind of used to it.
Well, yeah, there's some suspension of disbelief of course.

It was funny how they had to insert scenes that basically told the player that the best course of action was to hang out at the Citadel because you need to gather the support of the other races.

(While on the other hand you are a creepy stalker who eavesdrops on people's conversations in order to start fetch quests!)
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