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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

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I like Glory quite a bit, but it is annoying to have another movie about an important event in black history starring a white guy (or, in this case, two of them).
I think the movie mostly eschews the tropes associated with that. The movie isn't about Broderick learning to be not racist, he's not portrayed as uniquely heroic or whatever, and the various black characters are all well-developed, both individually and amongst each other; and I don't think he really dominates the movie. Also, since Broderick's character was in charge, I think a telling of the regiment's story would have needed him in a significant role (the movie actually reassigns some of his character's real-life actions to others; the paycheque boycott was Shaw's idea, but the movie gives it to Denzel Washington's character). Elwes' character I would argue is less important than any of the main black trio.

77. Savages (B+)

Oliver Stone steers away from politics and produces a very enjoyable crime thriller. Never quite crosses over into becoming a great movie (he throws in a weird fakeout at the end that I don't in principle object to [directors screwing around with audience expectations can be fun, and he does that well at a few other points in the movie], but doesn't really serve any thematic or narrative purpose), but it's fun. And while it's perhaps not saying that much, looking at her recent filmography, this is probably Salma Hayek's most interesting part since Frida.

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