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Anyone still watching this? Olivia Wilde guest-starred as Quorra in flashbacks this week. The animated character design was a very exact likeness for Wilde, a bit incongruous amidst all these hyper-stylized faces; even Tron's face is a caricature of the young Boxleitner's.

The story -- by former Star Trek writer/producer Andre Bormanis -- was pretty good, a nice attempt to humanize the antagonist Paige, and her "work together to survive" arc with Beck had an unexpectedly downbeat ending.

But I'm getting tired of the character designs. I realized, watching this, that the female characters' legs are something like twice as long in proportion to their torsos as they should be, which makes their movements very awkward and gangly. It's pretty ridiculous.
I thought I saw his name in the credits! It was a very well crafted episode, despite me missing out on a decent chunk due to a power surge.

As for Quorra's face, the show has enough variety in facial styles that it fits in. I didn't find it to be too out of place, although it's obvious that they put a bit more effort into making her look good due to her guest star status.

I have noticed the body proportion issue, but it's only really apparent when the camera is at flat angles to the character, like the end shot with Paige playing her instrument. When the camera is angled up or down at a female character, the proportions even out a bit. It's fairly obvious that the CGI meshes for the bodies were made to look good from certain angles (most likely to make the action shots look good), but as a result, the characters look terrible if not captured from the optimal angles (sort of like how the Aventine looked great in that first calendar spread, then looked bloated in the Fluidic Space one).
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