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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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Chipper Jones has a 5 hit, 4 RBI night against the Cubs and gets a long standing ovation from the crowd. He's having a stellar year. I hope he finds a way to get the All-Star game one way or another.
One more All Star apperance isn't going to make or break Chipper's career really or help his Hall of Fame chances. Really I don't think he's going to make it simply because he's spent too much time on the DL this season already. If he does it'll just be because of his legacy more than anything else.

Chipper's really an outstanding, oldschool type player. You rarely see people who spend their entire career with one team anymore. His HoF chances are iffy at best. He'd need at least 2 more seasons to get to 500 home runs and/or 3000 hits, which is pretty much what he'll need. Especially with all the 90's/early 2000's players with steroid inflated stats all retiring and eligble on the ballot.

Next year's Hall of Fame vote is going to be really interesting. Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens are eligible for the first time, and all three are tainted in one way or another. Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza and Curt Schilling have HoF quality stats, even if they weren't AS famous(or infamous)
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