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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Arrogant, they vibe that most Vulcans give off.
B is for Boring. At times they can give off this quality.
C is for Cold, which they can also be. (there have to be some good qualities coming!)
D is for Disinterested, which they can also be very well. (Not yet )
E is for extraterrestrial, which mot of them are.
F is for fascinating, which some of their traditions are.
G is for gravity, which is higher on Vulcan.
H is for Hot, what Vulcan chicks are.
I is for Illogical, what Vulcans often accuse other species of being.
J is for Joviality. A concept NOT grasped by Vulcans.
K is for Kindness, which Vulcans are capable of when they actually set their minds to it.
L is for Logic, which dictates the actions of most Vulcans.
M is for Mind-meld, a telepathic superpower Vulcans are known for
N is for Nimoy.
O is for Oversee, which is what Vulcans did for the first ninety years after warp drive and First Contact whether humans liked it or not.
P is for "Peace and long life". Which is the start of the standard Vulcan greeting.
Q is for Quark, who had a collection of Vulcan Love Slave holoprograms.
R is for Romulans, to whom Vulcans are closely related.
S is for Surak. Many of them follow his teachings.
T is for T'Pau, a very powerful Vulcan dignitary.
U is for Upside-down. Some of Vulcan architecture was built that way...
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