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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Everyone complains about Worf being a jerk in Let He Without Sin... but really so was Dax. The whole episode she was acting very selfish the entire episode too. First she should probably know taking Worf, the Klingon glacier to a pleasure planet is a bad idea. She forced her idea down Worf's throat, then complained non-stop the whole episode when surprise... Worf didn't like it. To escelate the situation she's acting in a way she has to know would deliberately annoy Worf. I'm not excusing Worf's behavior by any means, but really what did you expect from him?

The Fundamentalists... would have been so much more interesting if they weren't like those enviromental nutcases sabotaging SUV's to protest car pollution. Any point they might have had to make gets lost in their idiocy of their methods.

Really the most amusing part of the episode is Quark acting completely in character. Which naturally(and thankfully) once she goes off with the girls, that's the last we see of him for awhile. I like Quark but I don't need to see him in the middle of an orgy.

Things Past... yeah Garak got out of prison awfully quick didn't he? But the Federation penal system is so generous maybe they just let him out on good behavior. "Now be good and don't try and genocide any planets again and start an interstellar war."

I applaud DS9 for avoiding the flashback and overly Trek cliche of time travel. The execution here was awkard to say the least and you just have to smile and nod at it. It's nice to see Odo isn't the saint of justice like the show so often makes him out to be, but a character with a darker element. Honestly if I was giving him a D&D alignment, I'd make him Lawful Neutral. He pretty much just wants order no matter who's running the show. I think he was remorseful of his actions just as much because he knew it would upset Kira not to mention stain his perfect record as to the morality of it.

Really I don't see why Kira has the right to be upset at the end given how Necessary Evil ended and she had her darker elements.
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