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Re: Farscape... I am liking this series...

I too love Farscape, it's in my top 3 along with DS9 and Babylon 5.

Yes, a full Season 5 (Or even the 10 episode S5 SyFy reportedly offered when they backed out of their original commitment for S5) would've been much better, but, after that S4 cliffhanger, and waiting for a year or two to have it resolved (fearing it never would), I can't tell you how grateful I am they gave us Peacekeeper Wars Miniseries. It was rushed, but, action packed all the way, and a great final chapter.

So, when you get to the end of S4, think on what we who watched it live went through with that cliffhanger, it'll make you enjoy the MiniSeries Peacekeeper Wars all the more
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