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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

76. Glory (A)

I watched at least part of this once on History Television (back when they still showed movies that had some actual historical basis), but the only part that stuck was the climactic battle and one or two of Matthew Broderick's early scenes (it was like 10-12 years ago). Taking the time to really watch it now, it's a great film (still Edward Zwick's best), with an especially downbeat ending for a big budget film (it kills off all its important characters, even though half the regiment survived). It features three of the best black actors of the modern era: Denzel Washington (in his first Oscar-winning role), Morgan Freeman, and Andre Braugher; this is, I believe, as yet the only time Washington and Freeman have shared the screen, and their scenes are predictably high quality. Cary Elwes is quite good; Broderick is okay, but he feels vaguely period-inappropriate.

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