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Re: What SF/F Book Are you Reading? .. Redux

I recently finished Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke. I read the book once about twelve years ago and thought the time was right to give it another try and I wasn't dissapointed. Clarke's writing really sucks you into the book's theme of exploration and discovery. No interpersonal struggles, no death and destruction. Only a little bit of political upheaval that's taken care of quite easily. That's something that I enjoyed about the book the first time I read it and something I still enjoy now. The astronaughts explore the ship and then it leaves never to be seen again. The idea that the only thing our solar system is good for is a pit stop is amusing.

I've heard that the sequels, written by Gentry Lee and overseen by Clarke, jetison this philosophy and that's one of the primary reasons that I've never read them. The other is that I never thought Rendezvous with Rama needed a sequel.

I just started A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin. I picked up the first two books in this series years ago but have only recently started reading them. The first book was excellent but out of all the stories I found that of Jon Snow on the Wall the most interesting. The story behind Jon and his birth is something that I hope Martin will be able to wrap up by series end despite the fact that I've been spoiled about what happens to him in A Dance With Dragons.
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