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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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A lot of that makes sense and was obvious in the movie that some stuff was missing or removed (in my review I said it made Peter Parker look like a manic-depressive with a garage full of unfinished projects) and yeah there were other threads that were left dangling too like the stuff with Dr. Connor's boss.

Seems like this movie wanted to have a lot going on and may have be spreading its bet too far because you'd think a talented film maker would know cuts would be made and when you've got this much going on a movie something is going to suffer. Here we had like half a dozen different stories, plots and motivations going on and they all suffered in editing and makes the movie look schizophrenic. If the movie had stuck to a simpler two or three plots (one for each major character/side of events) then what ended up on the cutting room would have been far less impactful.

I mean Peter just completely drops the drive to find his parents.

Peter just completely drops the drive to find his uncle's killer.

The Evil Poor Man's Asiv Mandi just goes off in his car and is forgotten after his encounter with Connors.

Any real "motivation" for Connors doing what he did is missing.

There's more too, the movie is sort of all over the place in a lot of this stuff. Again, I enjoyed it, but it seems like a lot of things were left dangling and not in a "they'll give us more in the sequel, I can't wait!" way but in a "WTF? What happened with that?!" sort of way.

The police seemed fairly inept here too. You'd think when they notice that men all over the city are being harassed by a masked vigilante all look the same they'd start looking into what connection the men have, or men who look similar have, and see that a similar looking man just murdered Ben Parker.
You mean Peter gave up the search for his father? Because he really didn't seem to give two shits about his mother.
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