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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Guys, I think I've nailed down a strategy to easily take down Donatra's ship in KASE but I need some help confirming the theory. Basically, I recently heard that she doesn't cloak or fire her conical thalaron weapon if no ship is within 5km radius of her. While testing that rumor, I think I've stumbled upon the actual rule that Donatra uses.

If her aggro target is more than 5km from her, she simply chases after her target.

She never cloaks, never fires her thalaron weapon as long as her aggro target is more than 5km away. For this strategy to work, you need a good tanking ship that can absorb all of Donatra's conventional attacks. Make sure the tank attacks Donatra first to establish aggro and just keep kiting her, making sure to stay at least 5km away from her ship. The rest of the group simply follow safely behind Donatra and batter her down.

I have tried this twice and both times, Donatra ends up chasing after me and never cloaked. My problem is, someone was also using energy drains on her and as a result we have no idea which action actually stopped her from cloaking.

I'ld appreciate it if someone can help me test and confirm that this strategy works.
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