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Socks EH? So that's where all the missing socks go. Straight into the bras of our wifes and girlfriends.
You guys need to start dating. There are actually bras that increase the cupsize or the cleavage without the use of socks...
Start an education by going to:

Well that was... remarkably rude.

However I was referencing T'pol being smaller in general in season 4 not her cup size.

Nice picture though.
I did not want to appear rude in my humorous reply to the various comments on T'Pol's boobs. For that I apologize.

I found that in general when a young unknown actress gets a job in a series she starts out slim then gets bigger by season 2 or 3, gets chastised by the producer for being a fat pig and usually comes back the next season all haggard and crash dieted. Most young actors do not have much income and I think the flowing money after a first successful season leads them to a short life of gluttony.
But Ms. Blalock said she was under the weather and I want to believe her.
Her appearance in "Home" was exactly what I am looking for in a Mrs.Surak.

Yeah, I may have overreacted to the dating comment. I've had some bad relationships recently, not important lol.

I'd like to believe her as well, Personally I like the way she looked In pretty much all of season three, Particularly in the beginning of Extinction. my version of Ms. Commander Mel lol.

Also is just me or was she ALOT paler in season 4 than any of the rest of the seasons?

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