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Re: Apocalypse Rising question

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Even people without skin conditions can develop one especially if they've covered in glue and latex for hours at a time day after day. The actor who played Rev Bem on Andromeda had to quit the show because his skin couldn't handle the make up any longer. Kes grew longer hair so Jennifer Lein could stop wearing the ears because her skin became to sensitive to the glue.
IIRC, this is also why Terry Farrell didn't use the original Trill makeup as shown on TNG. She was allergic to it, I think.
I remember reading that the reason for not using the same makeup was to show off Farrellís looks. Not that Iím saying itís the entire reason but I assume a big part of her getting the role was her model looks and a bit of eye candy for the male demographic. Obviously the studio would have a big say in who gets the parts and Terry would be very easy to market as that Ďhot girl from the new Star Trek show'.
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