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Re: Does anyone else dislike Keiko O'brien?

We cited examples throughout--particularly on the first page. You...might want to check that out.

But I'll be generous, here, and give some materials to chew on:

As far back as "A Man Alone," we see Keiko whining about the station--and then storms off, saying, "I don't want to talk about this anymore!"

In "Hippocratic Oath," O'Brien notes how deffensive Keiko is getting over the workshop--spinning some poppycock about a "subconcious desire" to push her out of the quarters.

And then, "Fascination," when Keiko, again, gets way too defensive just because O'Brien's dissapointed about having to spend only one day with her before she goes out on another expedition.

In "Body Parts", she goes on a Gamma Quadeant expedition--when she's pregnant!--and O'Brien notes how she'd also wanted to go though the health and well-being of her baby didn't matter to her!

And, again...when Kira's in labor, and the O'Briens are doing the ritual--Keiko smacks Miles, for missing a beat! As I'd said in the beginning of this thread--had it been the other way around, there'd have been no question about how rotten Miles's behavior was towards his wife.

Need I go on?
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