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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Someone's clearly been watching too much internet porn.
Nope, honestly don't watch any porn. But when he winces away from a white sticky substance that unexpectedly shoots into his face it has an... odd look to it.
I can relate, I don't watch porn either.

I'd never had a clue there was a word "bukkake" much less what it looked like. I mean, it's hardly in the main stream media.

I was on a coffee date with this nice woman from POF last week though, and when we got around to talking about our jobs, she smiled sweetly and said she was a "bukkake model." I didn't want to appear to be a dolt, so I just nodded and said "Cool!" Then we had ice cream.

Later on I sitting with my friend at another coffee shop mentioning my date. When I told him what she did for a living, he cracked up. Puzzled, I asked him what was up, and he explained. It sounded so outlandish, I mean I never see it on TV commercials or anything, I didn't really believe him, I mean what could be so appealing? I thought I must be misunderstanding so I asked him what it looked like? He pointed to baby in a stroller a couple of tables over, who had throw up all over her face mixed with drool, and said it was something like that.

I still can't believe anyone would watch porn of a model with a baby's throwup and drool all over her face.
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