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Re: True or False: Dear Dr. is most morally bankrupt trek episode evar

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The two greatest moment of the episode have been the moments in which the humans feel compassion for the sick Valakans as well as the exploited Menk whereas Phlox doesn't.
Those scenes completely fail at making Phlox seem more enlightened.
You mistake enlightenment for compassion. Phlox does the enlightened thing, he uses his brain and thinks about more then than immediacy of the situation, i.e. the exploitation of the Menk.
He realizes that this is not something culturally contingent like the power struggles inside humankind (or Denobula in his case) but more of a biological issue, a form of coexistance that has gone on for as long as these species have existed which is most likely hundreds of thousands of years.
Doesn't imply that you cannot change it but the longer you do something the more deeply it is burned into you.

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^ No, they would only have to give the cure. The social issues of the Valakians and Menk are not the crew's concern. The simple fact is, they have a cure - and are thus morally obliged to use it. Whatever happens after that, is not their problem.
This 'only biological, no social interference' stance is wrong as it implies that Archer has to give the cure if the Valakians wage war against the Menk or put them into concentration camps.
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