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If I did not know better, I would assume you were one of those people completely clueless about how big the universe really is. Hell, just on our tiny planet how long did Native Americans go before they saw any evidence of other people from other continents? Some time. When we multiply that scale by a nearly unfathomable number and couple that with the fact that we have only taken one or two figurative steps into space, the answer to your question is rather obvious.
I was making the point that if the assumptions being made were commonplace (life->complex life->intelligent life->space exploration->FTL travel) then we'd see it everywhere because it's had ~15 billion years to develop. The Milky Way alone would have many thousands if not millions of intelligent species. That we have seen absolutely no evidence of this indicates that intelligent, technologically advanced, spacefaring life is either quite rare or not contemporaneous.
That's a double assumption of your own, though:
1) That if you can travel faster than light, you can travel at ANY speed to ANY location with relative ease.
2) That an intelligent species developing a hugely advanced spacefaring civilization WOULD develop FTL travel even if it were possible.

Neither has a lot of support; a drive system that could achieve FTL velocities might require many hours or even months to build up that kind of velocity, which would still limit interstellar travel to either large highly expensive generation ships or to small unmanned probes with limited range and capabilities. Such a civilization might be tempted to explore beyond their own solar system, but to COLONIZE beyond it could still be impossible or infeasible at any level of advancement.

Secondly, just because something is possible doesn't mean it is discoverable. The Chinese, for example, were the first to develop gunpowder but only recently began developing practical manned spaceflight. By the same token, even if FTL travel is possible, FTL spaceflight is a whole different ballgame and conditions may not exist in all civilizations that make it even worth exploring.
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