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Re: True or False: Dear Dr. is most morally bankrupt trek episode evar

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The Menk are enslaved, and deprived of Education and therefore Development, by the Valakians. Is that not applying and tolerating different Ethics for different Cultures if you gave the Valakians the cure? The Menk were shown to be quite sentient in the episode. Matter of fact, the Menk helping Phlox, who arranged and categorized and sub-categorized the Blood samples showed more intelligence than we saw exhibited to us by any Valakian
Did you miss the part where I said there are exceptions? IIRC, the Valakian's treatment of the Menk isn't presented as a good thing anyways, so it's really not what I'm talking about. There are exceptions, but in general, Trek doesn't present subjective morality/ethics as truth.
Sure, I read where you said there were exceptions, like the Klingon views on suicide, but, that's a far cry from condoning slavery and depriving a specific class of education so you can keep them down and enslaved. And condoning that is precisely what they would be doing, if they simply handed over the cure and made no complaints about it.

As I said, there is no denying the Menks' potential, we saw far more exhibited in the one Menk we got close to, then what we were shown of the Valakian's intelligence. Intelligence, not Knowledge
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