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Re: True or False: Dear Dr. is most morally bankrupt trek episode evar

The two greatest moment of the episode have been the moments in which the humans feel compassion for the sick Valakans as well as the exploited Menk whereas Phlox doesn't.
Those scenes completely fail at making Phlox seem more enlightened. He comes across as nothing more than callous. You gotta remember the audience is human, not Denobulan. Phlox doesn't come across as a scientist doing what is right without being blinded by sentiment - he comes across as cold and completely lacking in empathy or compassion. Largely because of that, the episode fails to make its point.

The point that "Interference can have unforeseen consequences/we cannot play god" is not wrong in itself, but the episode fails to present it properly.

Killing A to save B or vice versa would be no dilemma, Archer would stay out of it (unless it were a member of his crew like in the case of Similitude which is slightly weaker than Tuvix as Archer does not kill Trip's clone).
And what if inaction would doom both races? Then the situation would be a dilemma.

The Menk are enslaved, and deprived of Education and therefore Development, by the Valakians. Is that not applying and tolerating different Ethics for different Cultures if you gave the Valakians the cure? The Menk were shown to be quite sentient in the episode. Matter of fact, the Menk helping Phlox, who arranged and categorized and sub-categorized the Blood samples showed more intelligence than we saw exhibited to us by any Valakian
Did you miss the part where I said there are exceptions? IIRC, the Valakian's treatment of the Menk isn't presented as a good thing anyways, so it's really not what I'm talking about. There are exceptions, but in general, Trek doesn't present subjective morality/ethics as truth.
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