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Re: Ancient Aliens

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^ But like I said, why would aliens WANT to come to Earth? Any alien species that has the technology to even reach Earth in the first place is probably not going to consider us worth the trip. We would be the equivalent of trailer-park trash to them. So why would they bother?
Where did I ever say they needed to come to Earth? We have a lot of telescopes pointed at the sky, which are getting more powerful all the time, and we've never seen even one tiny shred of evidence for intelligent life outside Earth.

If there is intelligent life out there, there is some reason we haven't found it: it's too far away (meaning it is relatively rare), it is not capable of interstellar flight (which means it is difficult enough that hardly anyone can do it), or it simply never exists contemporaneously with us (again, pointing to the rarity or at least short-lived nature of such civilizations.)
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