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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

Gryffindorian wrote: View Post
Somebody posted this pic on Facebook.
Aw DAMN! Box office gold, right there! I suppose there's no hope of a sequel?

Dorian Thompson wrote: View Post
I hear you, CaptJimboJones. It makes me a little sad that ALVH didn't perform well. I found it so enjoyable and charming.
I was rooting for a better result, too, but it's not like there could be a sequel (in all seriousness), and I'm not generally a fan of historical mashups irrespective of what they're mashing up. If there's no Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, I won't lose any sleep about it.

In retrospect, I just enjoyed the movie more than I would or should have, if I hadn't been a big Civil War buff. Objectively speaking, there were some problems, such as the lackluster vampires - I don't think any of them really came across as being epic villains in the least. They were barely even interesting. And the slo-mo vampire fights are pretty hokey by this point.

What worked for me were some of the performances: Benjamin Walker, Anthony Mackie and Jimmi Simpson in particular. That, plus the setting, plus the fact that it's not yet another comic book superhero movie, was enough to make it one of my three favorite movies this year so far (the only three I've bothered to see in a theater - the other two being The Avengers and The Hunger Games).
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