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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Well, I have zero intrest in Uncanny Avengers, which is probably good, with Hickman's Avengers run consisting of three #$@&!*!! books a month! I'm actually kind of surprised to hear that New Avengers will be continuing at all. I wonder how it will fit in in the grand scheme. Will it be integral to the main book, or it will like FF is to Fantastic Four or will it genuinely be its own thing?

As for the future of Uncanny X-Men, I would thing that nothing's been said about it as to avoid spoiling AvX. After all, that books entire status quo has been upended by the event. Who knows how this will end for Cyclops and his people?

I suppose that having all of these twice-monthly books was inevitable, with Amazing Spider-Man showing that it can be sustained over the long term, but it's actually forcing me to take a long look at what I buy. I didn't mind occasional double-shipping for certain books once in a while (Avengers Academy, Journey into Mystery), but buying straight up bi-weekly books, especially $3.99 books, can get expensive.
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