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Re: TP: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Here are some random thoughts I jotted down while reading RtD:

What’s with the Shakespeare quotes? I’m curious to know why some writers insert quotes from classic literature between at the beginning of chapters and sections.

I’m glad DRG III explained why Sela doesn’t change her appearance to be more Romulan, because it pushes her strive harder. Her appearance hadn’t made sense to me considering her rejection of her humanity but now it does.

Nechayev is still alive so I guess Blind Man’s Bluff didn’t happen.

I like that Bacco references events from Serpents Among Ruins. Then John Harriman came to visit Vaughn? He’s still alive? Where has he been hiding out? I wish we could have seen that visit documented.

The book refers to the UFP logo having “a pair of stylized wheat stalks”. Aren't these supposed to be olive branches?

Both Kira and Kassidy get visions from the Prophets. Kira’s vision and the subsequent events show the prophets are able and willing to protect Sisko’s family. Kassidy’s vision says she has to let him follow his own path and if she doesn’t let him he won’t come back which implies if she lets him keep his Starfleet career, they can still be together. Why do neither of them tell Sisko of their visions? Kira’s vision could assure him of divine protection for his family.

How is Weyoun still able to be cloned? In the show, Weyoun said he would be the last after an alpha quad cloning facility was destroyed. He was pretty affected by this.

DRG III sure seems to enjoy using the word “’fresher”. It is used an a lot in this book.
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