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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

CBR talked to Alonso and Brevoort about the Marvel NOW! initiative. I'm going to pull out some select quotes, one of which includes an announcement that I don't think had previously been rumored (and which I will be putting in bold).

"I think it starts with our core readers because the long and short of it is that this is not a reboot. We don't transform our world. We don't go back in time. This is all taking place in the Marvel Universe that readers are already invested in. It's characters that they already know and the important thing is that the Marvel Universe is entering into a new era, where among other things the line between mutant super hero and other super heroes might not be as big as it was before," Alonso remarked.

"This is a world where people don't make quite the same distinctions between mutant super hero and scientifically endowed super hero or between them and a hero who is from another planet. The gap between theses three hero archetypes isn't going to be as big as it was before," Alonso explained. "That doesn't mean that there will be people out there who aren't inclined to hate mutants or destroy the world. It just means that super heroes as a community will feel different."

[Brevoort:] "Among the characters who'll make up [the Uncanny Avengers] are Captain America, Wolverine, Thor, the Scarlet Witch, Rogue and Havok, with a few other surprises waiting in the wings."

"We're not ready to tell you any more about it, but Jonathan will also be writing 'New Avengers' as well as 'Avengers.' I mention that because the second thing you need to know is that, like 'Amazing Spider-Man,' 'Avengers' is going to be shipping twice a month. So there'll be three Hickman-written Avengers comics coming out every 30 days -- two issues of 'Avengers' and one issue of 'New Avengers,'" Brevoort explained.

"In typical fashion, Jonathan has laid out plans for literally years of stories -- at our recent Editorial Retreat, I worked out that he'd broadly plotted through issue #63 at this point. And like his work on 'Fantastic Four' and 'Secret Warriors,' the scale just gets bigger and bigger and bigger as you go, with payoff leading to payoff leading to payoff," Brevoort said of Hickman's grand plans.

"Anything that has a story hook tied into this initiative will be branded Marvel NOW!" Alonso explained. "So there will be a lot of new #1 issues including 'Thor' #1, an 'Iron Man' #1, and a 'Captain America' #1, but there might be some other titles, like 'Daredevil' for instance, which won't go through a creative change or have a new #1."

[Brevoort:] "'Uncanny Avengers' is a completely new series. Brian's 'All-New X-Men' replaces or succeeds 'Uncanny X-Men' in the same way that 'New Avengers' succeeded 'Avengers.'"

"My understanding is that price points will remain what they are," Alonso said. "There shouldn't be any unpleasant surprises on that front."

"Between the months of October and February we are going to be wheeling out new issue #1s on a nearly weekly basis that will be accessible to new and lapsed readers. It's our goal in those months that anyone who picks up a #1 or hears about what's going on be reminded that new #1 issues will be available throughout that four month span. Whether it's 'All-New X-Men,' 'Avengers,' or 'Captain America' there will be new issue ones that function as their own sort of entry points into the Marvel Universe."
See the link for many other quotes, including talk on reintegrating the cosmic side of the universe, redesigned covers, and the use of AR apps.

Well, Hickman... [insert obligatory Futurama meme re: "shut up and take my money!"]
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