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Re: If annother Trek series was being made, what would you want in it?

What I would like to see is:

Set in 2380, the rebuilding after the war is still continuing, the Quadrant has become very different though, with improved relations with the Cardassians (who were in dire need of help following the war) and the Romulans (after the Shinzon incident).

A ship with a bit of history to it. Nothing fresh off the assembly line but something that has some age to it (I'd love to see an Excelsior- or Ambassador-Class in the role, though that would be very doubtful).

A diverse alien crew, with plenty of extras in the background in make-up (150+ planets make up the UFP, so lets see some of them).

Situations which don't wind up going to red alert and shooting at every species they encounter.

As for the crew:
- A female Trill Captain, not Joined, in her early-40s
- A human male, mid-30s, as First Officer, still mourning the loss of his husband
- A human female Security Chief
- A man from a new alien species as Science Officer
- A rookie Cardassian woman serving at either Ops or Conn
- Not sure about who for Engineer or Doctor (or if other roles such as Counsellor would be included)
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