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Re: If annother Trek series was being made, what would you want in it?

You know, I was thinking about this - i wouldnt mind where they set it. I would like to see the writers really be creative. Consider groundbreaking shows like American Horror Story. Write from the hip. Yes, keep in the framework provided by Gene. But Have every season somehow different. Like what AHS is doing. Or, simply do a Desperate Housewives. The 5 year jump was so simple but the writers got so much out of it. I think sci-fi can truly benefit from stuff like that. Voyager would've been brilliant if we'd jumped 5 years ahead. A marriage or two, Seven settling down, a new actress for Wildman, a new crew-member perhaps and Kim...well he'd stay an ensign (you could invent a subplot where the audience learn Kim was somehow involved in an accident that had given Voyager a few years off of its journey but loss of a crew-member so a demotion was in order).
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