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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Well it was one of Bobby's slaved doppelgänger drones that kissed Kitty, propelled by subconscious impulse.

What was far more exciting, was Deathbird hitting on him a page earlier.

I guess the next ten issues will clarify which 'ship takes dominance.

Did Deathbird have a baby with Bishop?

If Deathbird marries Bobby, or married Bishop, would that husband now be the brotherinlaw of Xavier and the Cain Marko the former Juggernaut?

If Marko isn't the Juggernaut anymore... What damn good is he?

(I've been reading.)

The only reason Chuck got the house was becuase Cain was presumed dead in Korea.

Now if Juggs had just been smart, hired a lawyer and overturned his fathers will, the mansion would have been his, and he could have legally evicted the X-Men and that would have been game over, rather than doing what he did.

Trying to head but everyone.
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