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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

I did. I thought it was pretty good. Not exactly what I was hoping for...but I did enjoy it and the set up. Will be interesting to see Teela in issue two. I loved the Zoar appearance and her connecting with Adam, I'm guessing Skeletor wiped her memory and trapped the Sorceress in her Falcon form. It almost reminded me a bit of the Classic Lifelines two parter comic from Star Comics. Wasn't that great a fan of the art though.

Action Comics #11: Batman and Superman meet up!!! I really enjoyed this issue, but I do have to it just me, or does this arc feel more disjointed story telling wise than the opening arc did? I feel like it's had less flow than the first arc did. Other than that I enjoyed this. Also still is a bit confusing as we've brought up before just when exactly Clark chooses to wear or bond to his Kryptonian armor. It's obvious that he wears his regular t-shirt and jeans with cape in Metropolis for the "little" I guess street work, but I guess switches to his armor for the heavy more action packed conflicts.
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