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Re: Crossover with other franchises?

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That's what Alan Moore said...

("Imaginary story" was the term used by DC Comics in the '50s through the '70s for out-of-continuity stories about situations that weren't intended to be "real" within the series' main continuity, like Superman dying or getting married -- the same sort of thing Marvel did in What If...? The greatest "imaginary story" was "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" by Alan Moore, which came out at the time that DC's whole continuity was being rebooted and was basically the final adventure of the Bronze Age or "pre-Crisis" Superman. Moore's narration contained the classic line, "This is an imaginary story... but aren't they all?")
I'll have to take your word for all of this, since I've never read any of that. In the '60s I read Archie and Disney and Casper comics, and in the '70s I was into Westerns (ie. Rawhide Kid, Kid Colt).

Christopher wrote:
Timewalker wrote:
The only way I could even begin to make my Sliders/Xena crossover make sense was to have an AU where Alexander the Great didn't die young, but made it all the way across Asia and over to North America. And since the time setting of Xena skips around from biblical to current year with NO attempt to explain the discrepancy, I figured I didn't need to worry too much about the Xenaverse showing up in modern-day California instead of ancient Greece.
Well, as long as you're treating the Hercules/Xena universe as the "home" universe, you can accommodate just about anything, since those shows embraced their origins in mythology and folklore and often basically admitted that they were pure fiction, playing fast and loose with reality and blurring the lines between reality and fiction.

Although you could borrow the conceit from the Sliders episode "The Guardian" that time flows at different rates on some worlds, so that even though it's technically the present, events on that world might be very far behind where they are on "our" Earth.
I could, but that's too easy. Granted, that one particular Sliders episode was rather good, but ultimately it's just a gimmick like the Earth where time flowed backward.

Conversely, you could play off the Xena clip shows that had clones or reincarnations of the main characters existing in the present day (in fact, in a present day where Xena is a TV show).
I don't really like clip shows in general, and I LOATHED the cutesy-pie modern-day reincarnation episodes.

Nope, I'm using a really implausible, but not impossible twist on history, and I'm in good company in that. At least two SF authors have written stories where the Roman Empire never fell, just because Drusus became Emperor instead of Tiberius. If Robert Silverberg can do wacky history, why can't I?

Christopher wrote: helps gloss over the historical differences if you go the alternate-universes route, although it's harder to use that to justify the whole geography and alien population of the galaxy being completely different (I don't remember there being any Vulcans or Klingons in the universe of Arrakis), let alone the laws of physics being different. Ideally I'd prefer a case where you can just do an honest crossover and treat shows as part of the same reality and timeline. But that's very hard to find in science fiction.
Of course there aren't any Klingons or Vulcans in the Dune universe. Frank Herbert never had any sentient aliens in that series. Even the Tleilaxu are considered a form of humanity, and Guild Navigators start their lives as humans before they mutate. The difficulty with crossing Dune with anything is partly because it happens over 20,000 years in the future, and the whole anti-computer thing is a religious taboo that only the Bene Gesserit dare break - and not until after Leto II is safely dead, if I recall correctly. But the fanfic I read tackled these issues head-on, which was good. Nothing was swept aside with a bunch of technobabble.
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