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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

I think the familiarity isn't just due to the rehash of the origin but the Lizard's story seemed to hit a lot of the beats of the Green Goblin. I didn't mind though, it was fresh enough, and I liked that the story took its time. I liked the way they handled Pete learning and handling his power. Funny that now it actually seemed weird to have mechanical webshooters!

Some random shit:

It was nice to see C. Thomas Howell in an A-list picture even if only for a small role.

Emma Stone was pushing it a little for a high school senior (though not off the deep end) and damn if I didn't feel old seeing Sally Field as Aunt May.

My little six-year-old niece (who wanted to see this over Brave) thought the Stan Lee bit was hysterical.

From what I understand of NY, the Stacys' apartment would be quite desirable, it seemed pretty huge.
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