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Re: David Brin's latest novel, and a TED talk

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Well, no one denies that AI research is advancing. We've just got enough experience to avoid the gullibility of betting everything on the Singularity. If it happens, fine. But don't spend your life waiting for it. That's folly.

Again you misunderstand...

Im not waiting(already said the timeframe could be 2035-2100 and I'd only have an outside chance to experience it), however, there is a large number of people in industry, economics, technology and even politics that are aware of the predictions based on mathematics, as well as the accuracy of predictions, and they are making it a self-fulfilling prediction...they know what milestones to hit, and they are out there investing in it, they are creating education for it (Singularity University), they are using the already existing advancement of technology to spur further growth. This is the sort of action that could make it appear sooner in the prediction rather than latter.

People are certainly claiming AI is not growing on these threads, they still think it's in an AI winter. It's the same but different, don't you know that?

Another current application showing the wide ranging spread of AI:

You always knew it'd be Google:

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