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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

That would still leave two Beasts, an Ice Man and Arc Angel.

"I do it with a hot ninja a few dozen times, then I sleep with super hot blue shape changing villainous?"

"I'm blue or blue and evil?"

"My wings are going to be staked to a crucifix and then my friends an family are going to tell the doctors to cut them off to save my life?


Apart from Emma frost being ten thousand time better the Ice Man than bobby ever was, and the inferiority issues leading out of that and a while where he couldn't turn his ice powers off once or twice and... The dread era between the New Defenders and X-Factor where Bobby tried to make it as a chartered accountant... Iceman has lead probably the most blessed life of the X-Men.


Wikipedia is telling me that he's macking on kitty pride these days!


His body has been blessed by a priest.

Icerman's body is composed of %100 Vampire killing holy water.

He's like an atom bomb in any war against the Vampires.
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