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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

On the age of Sally Field/Martin Sheen and their expected age. I think their age here works better as it never made sense to me Peter's aunt and uncle would be at retirement age and beyond when he was a teenager. Considering that they're his aunt and uncle and not his great-aunt and uncle they shouldn't be too much older than his parents were given that one of them is a parent's sibling. Even ten years older than the parent would still place his aunt/uncle at a fairly "young" age. So I thought Field and Sheen worked here for that aspect alone.

(But, instead of Martin Sheen they should have used his vastly more talented, but under appreciated, brother Joe Estevez. )

And I agree with other comments that The Lizard's goals and villainy was stretched. He came up with a solution that can regenerate limbs/organs with the side-effect of turning him into a Lizard so naturally being a scientist his goal ends up to be to gas one of the largest cities in the world to turn everyone into lizard-monsters. It's quite the leap and I don't think the push from his boss really worked to make The Lizard's actions justifiable. He goes from wanting to do the the proper thing with increased testing to just shooting the shit into his arm. What?!
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