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Re: So.........Could Neelix cook or not?

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I think it makes it even worse in a way. Though I'd imagine Neelix to get better through the years as he starts to get to know his crew. But i do seem to remember scenes where he tries dishes from the Alpha quadrant. Though I coulda imagined that.
In "Learning Curve" he made some bluish cheese to try and make macaroni and cheese for someone. The same cheese that poisoned all the Bioneural gel packs.

The bitching annoys me. Get in the kitchen and help him if it's a matter of Talaxian taste being different. He's feeding a lot of people with limited fresh food. Nothing is burnt. He takes into account balance and nutrition. Replicators have spoiled them because they've been able to eat whatever they want exactly to their taste and now suddenly it's out of their control.

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