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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

So my friends had to ditch on Spidey today, looks like I'll be seeing that Friday now. However, since I was already out and had a free Regal ticket I went and saw this earlier in the afternoon.

Grade: B-/C+

I'm going to talk in full on SPOILERS so back out now or skip to next post.

Still here then....

When you go in knowing this is an OTT historical genre bender it allows certain liberties. Still, I expect certain things to remain true within the confines of the universe itself.

I was a bit surprised on how much of an origin was told for this but it worked out well I suppose. Set up his sidekick Will pretty well at any rate.

Our lead vampire Adam having essentially been around when the Hebrews were slaves and built the monuments to Romans using Christians as slaves and entertainment etc, etc was a nice nod to tying the slavery theme into the context of the film.

This is the first place I can recall that the idea of a Vampire being unable to kill another is used. Maybe in some book out there it's used but this is my first exposure to that idea.
I was glad to again see the explanation for Silver as being tied to Judas again. Haven't seen that in awhile.

I liked Dominic Cooper's Henry, the vampire out for blood against Adam. I liked Mary Elizabeth Winstead and especially Alan Tudyk as Stephen Douglas.

I liked the cinematography and period piece attire. For the most part the F/X gets a 90% grade from me.

So what are my questions with the film?
At one point Mary Todd is the fiancee of Stephen Douglas, it's mentioned. At what point does that end cause suddenly Abe is courting her then 15min later or so they are married. Something on the cutting room floor? Despite I know Abe has to end up with her I need context within this story to get there. I actually felt Stephen Douglas might be revealed as a vampire.

I'm so very over the idea of vampires being daywalkers. Yes the film alludes to a type of early 19th century sunscreen but only Henry is seen even using any and then only once.

Staying as true to the idea of Abe being a normal human, even one trained by a vampire, he's not gifted with super human abilities. My biggest gripe is the stampeding bronco scene where Abe jumps from horseback to horseback. He's still just human. At least when Henry is training him we know he whacks at that tree a dozen times before "one" big blow fells it.

The editing at time felt a bit uneven for me. Making it seemed rushing to get the film to the next "moment". Again, material on the cutting room floor perhaps?

Overall theme for Vampire Nation: So was Adam using the South as his foothold to take over the young nation thus humoring the idea of slavery as a dividing point to take over the North, thus the country. Also, were the humans in the South (at least in leadership posts) aware of this. We get that brief scene with Jefferson Davis (President of Confederacy) talking to Adam in which he tells Jefferson "you'll get as many of my people as you need". So a conspiracy between some Southern leaders and Adam? Adam using them as an ends to a means.
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