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Re: So.........Could Neelix cook or not?

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People can cook certain foods better than others. Which could allow for sometimes it being good others times not so much.
Yep. I am pretty creative with chocolate. But last night I burned the fish - in the MICROWAVE! Still, I guess it was still slightly edible, since my cat did her damndest to steal it from me (yes, I still ate it).

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I think it also depended on what he had to work with. The running joke was how everything seemed to have leola root in it.
If I was one of the Maquis I'd have ejected his entire supply of leola into space.
I recently read a fanfic where Seven of Nine stole Neelix' entire supply of leola root, made a still in Cargo Bay 2, and started making vodka for the crew.
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