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Re: So.........Could Neelix cook or not?

MacLeod wrote: View Post
People can cook certain foods better than others. Which could allow for sometimes it being good others times not so much.
Yep. I am pretty creative with chocolate. But last night I burned the fish - in the MICROWAVE! Still, I guess it was still slightly edible, since my cat did her damndest to steal it from me (yes, I still ate it).

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bbailey861 wrote: View Post
I think it also depended on what he had to work with. The running joke was how everything seemed to have leola root in it.
If I was one of the Maquis I'd have ejected his entire supply of leola into space.
I recently read a fanfic where Seven of Nine stole Neelix' entire supply of leola root, made a still in Cargo Bay 2, and started making vodka for the crew.
"Let's give it to Riker. He'll eat anything!"

For some great Original Series fanfic, check out the Valjiir Continuum!
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