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Re: Anyone else find Naomi Wildman annoying?

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I find the whole fcuking series annoying, there's a posh b!tch as captin, some slaphead as the doctor who seems gay to me,
When you say the Doctor "seems gay" so you mean this as a positive or a negative?

I would love to see an ep where the Doctor decides to expand his sexuality subroutines. He's very firmly heterosexual but of course he could tweak that easily enough.

It's like the camp version of the origional series,
It IS camp and that is why it is glorious.

But not as camp as ST:V. That's the benchmark for Trek camp.

that's why I've only watched one and a half episodes. I saw one episode and thought it was boring and decided to give it a second chance, then I waded through half of annother episode and in the middle of it I decided to fcuk off, it's not worth it. God I hate Voyger!
You should blog about this. Children could be saved.

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