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Re: David Brin's latest novel, and a TED talk

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Don't we have a "yawn" smiley yet?

The Japanese like their robots too, but theirs are cuter. None of this advances AI an inch.

We will be using fossil fuels in 20 years. I guarantee it.
AI is advancing even if it's slowly. I remember in the 90's when people were ready to give up on speech recognition. Now we have Siri and Google speak. I also remember people saying that computers would never go beyond brute force computation, but look there's Watson using adaptive algorithms to win Jeopardy.

When humans develop AI, it won't be like HAL9000 or Data. It'll probably be like an advance app that runs in the background.
There are real breakthroughs now, and as opposed to the linear, straight ahead thought process common on these threads, the evolution of AI is a parallel process, that results from the technological advances in different fields based on exponential info technologies from many different investment sources(hence sojourner's easily dismissed gripe about one technophilanthropist being ineffectual), the advances in the general field of AI are accelerating...and here is one way they have been, even over the last decade when AI was seemingly not advancing, it still made progress, there are a few basic examples here (some of which I have made before) that demonstrate the magnitude of these changes in a short time...but of course, since even that rate is accelerating, there is much more to come..

And as usual, there are quite a few examples of AI improving...and those who drive it forward...they are definitely NOT the people who say it can't be done.
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