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I don't think this makes Minnesota an automatic favorite in the division or the conference. It's two guys on a team that really wasn't that good this past year. I don't think two players make it.
IIRC, the Wild were on top of the league around Nov/Dec last season, only to tank it for the rest of the year. I don't think this makes them cup contenders or anything, but they'll be harder to play in the 6 divisional games we get against them. When those prospects mature, they could be real trouble for the rest of the league. Its actually good to see as the Wild have one of the best fan bases in the usa and, and their patience (Lemaire, lol) has been rewarded.

As for the money being thrown around, I don't really care. If they have awful seasons and don't live up to what they earn then I'll give them a hard time, but generally I'm pretty happy when people make money in an honest way.
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