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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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I've had little to no interest in this movie. It's always felt like one of those direct-to-video sequels with new cast members, except this one isn't direct-to-video. Still, it's Spider-Man, so I plan to check it out next week. I expect it to be fun.
I saw the movie and I'll stand by what I said earlier. It was an average superhero movie and an unnecessary reboot, but it was fun and I had a good time.

- Andrew Garfield was alright. No real issue with him. In fact, the Spidey wisecracks were pretty good. I had an issue with the big hair though. Does every "hot guy" in Hollywood have to have big hair?

- I liked Emma Stone, but she did come off more like Emma Stone made-up-to-look-like-Gwen Stacy. I wasn't fully immersed in the Gwen Stacy character. The same thing happened with Kirsten Dunst.

- Did I mention that she and Garfield had great chemistry? Well, I won't because it's been mentioned a million times already. Besides, I didn't really notice.

- Rhys Ifans played a good villain.

- Martin Sheen is always good to see.

- Sally Field as Ant May... Now that was an interesting choice. I'm used to the character being a lot older and greyer. And I couldn't believe that sally Field is at that point where she's "Aunt May" Time flies and we all get old. On the way home, I decided that she was a good choice given that they'd need someone who could stick around in case they want to churn out more movies over the next several years.

- Loved all the Peter Parker action. Maybe they should have called him Peter Parkour.

- I also loved the web-slinging. Lots of good work there, that rivaled the grace and quickness of a scene from a good martial arts movie.

- I've thought long and hard over the years about how Spider-Man's web-shooter could work and how it could hold enough webbing. I couldn't come up with anything good, but what I saw here was believable. It was glossed over pretty quickly, but here's what I got... Oscorp manufactures a small crazy glue-like contraption that can shoot hundreds of meters worth of thin, tensile filaments that resemble spider silk. Then, Peter used his Spidey sharpness to make a wrist shooter that incorporated the Oscorp webbing he bought. I also assume that they'll evaporate eventually. I think that about does it. I remember when the first Spider-Man movie came out, a lot of people loved the organic shooters because they had issue with a teenager being able to invent and make a web shooter. What we got here seemed to work well enough though.

- The movie was directed by "Marc Webb"? That's pretty funny actually.

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And not to nit-pick, but I'm not too fond of the gold plating on the eyes. Makes Spider-Man look jaundiced.
OK, the gold lenses weren't so bad. They were hardly noticeable in the movie itself.
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