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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

In light of the upcomming Seaon 6 update, which will be Fleet Starbase focused (and thus Fleet heavy), is it time we had The Talk?

While we've got a bunch of people signed up, not sure we have a ton of actual active members. Usually not more than 1-2 people online whenever I sign in, and only more if it's a special event. Not gonna sustain the starbase deal that way.

We've got an alliance with that other fleet, but I haven't interacted with them a lot. Are there a lot of them, and are they active? If it's a Yes to either of those, it may be time to discuss a merger instead of an alliance. They join us, we join them, whichever makes more sense. Other side cleans out the bank, merge the money, deposit the good stuff, and sell the rest. Should be able to get together on uniforms and whatnot, and as long as both sides are ok, Fleet ranks should be transferable, so we've still out our own guys with high ranking/access.

Between the two fleets, we might have a more active membership, and thus move the Starbase development faster. Plus more of the new features are supposed to be Fleet-oriented, might make sense to have more people around, so we can do those things.

If the fleet we've been dealing with isn't the one, maybe we should start fishing for another one. Just don't think we're active enough to accomplish much if the focus shifts to fleets, and it's gonna take a ton of work from the few active members to get anything done.

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