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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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Still, I hope the character isn't lost because of some dumb ass marriage contract storyline. Lame. At least let him die a hero.
Conversely, I'd say the Red Wedding is one of the most intense parts of the entire book series. I hope the series follows it fairly closely.

Now they're going to turn on him because he didn't marry some chick? Don't do it, writers. Please. This isn't the Tudors.
Robb's his father's son. He never loses a battle and he also loses everything, including his life. As a strategist he's cunning and as a politican he is the right mix of noble and inept that so utterly destroyed his father. It worked on the page, and with Richard Madden I think it'll work as a great tragedy for the show.

Awwww....I don't want to hear that. That's a bummer. Plenty of viewers who haven't read the books, you know.
I'm aware. But I'm sure you're also aware that the books is where the series is getting the broad strokes of its narrative. Inevitably it's gonna diverge - this is a TV show - but the broad strokes really need to remain intact, and the Red Wedding as as important a checkpoint as the steps of Baelor.

That'll leave us with Kit Harrington's Jon. Jon's character really tredged into boredom during season 2. Maybe the character is more compelling in the books, but the writers have got a fairly serious problem going on. It's only my opinion, of course, but Kit Harrington is not up to the chore of this storyline. I find myself thinking that another actor would be so much better in the part. Sean Bean and Richard Madden really outshine Kit Harrington in the charisma department.
I agree with this, which does make me think that Richard Madden as Jon Snow and Kit Harrington as Robb Stark might have been interesting. To me reading the books Robb came off as the least interesting Stark child, Richard Madden and the TV show has actually made me care about the character.

Kit Harrington was one of the few major casting choices that didn't instantly fit with me, and while I've accepted him at this point he wouldn't be in my top five or ten lists of performances from the show.

Does Tyrion die in the books, too?
Not yet, but I'm at the point honestly I wouldn't care if he did.
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