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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

Really? I guess I misunderstood the scene. I thought she was telling him that they could use the bridge because she'd made the marriage contract already. I'll have to find the scene and watch it again. It struck me as so odd that she could do that in the type of society presented, when a man could just bring home an illegitimate son conceived during a marriage and expect his wife to help raise him. A tad patriarchal, that.

Still, I hope the character isn't lost because of some dumb ass marriage contract storyline. Lame. At least let him die a hero. Not because he didn't want to marry some chick the audience has never met. To me there are 3 scenes that pack such an emotional wallop that they embody the very heart and soul of the first 2 seasons:

1.)Dany staring at her brother after he told her that he'd cut her baby out of her and leave it after taking her with him because he hadn't gotten his crown. The look on her face--she accepts what vile scum Viserys is and is at peace with her decision to let Drogo give him his golden crown. Emilia Clarke is a lovely, but uneven actress, but that was her best moment.

2.)Tyrion, his face now scarred from battle, telling Shae that he wants to stay in the city because being smarter and besting his family is the only thing he's good at in life. He's a "monster" now and he fully expects her to leave him....and she doesn't. His sobs of relief as he held on to her for dear life when she said he wasn't paying attention [she was staying]--Dinklage brought it in the moment. Tyrion, forever the smart ass, was laid bare emotionally. Packed a wallop. Dinklage deserved that emmy. Gods, I love his character.

3.)A wordless Robb Stark being declared King of the North as his men tell him he's the only man before whom they'd bow and pledge their swords. Madden did all his acting with his eyes and body language. His astonishment at the unexpected displays of devotion by his men was riveting. Ned Stark lives on.

If I were forced to pick one scene to convey the heart of the series, it's the king of the north scene. Now they're going to turn on him because he didn't marry some chick? Don't do it, writers. Please. This isn't the Tudors.

As noted above it's a contract he makes, and if the series let Robb live, the plot would begin to diverge majorly from the books
Awwww....I don't want to hear that. That's a bummer. Plenty of viewers who haven't read the books, you know. That'll leave us with Kit Harrington's Jon. Jon's character really tredged into boredom during season 2. Maybe the character is more compelling in the books, but the writers have got a fairly serious problem going on. It's only my opinion, of course, but Kit Harrington is not up to the chore of this storyline. I find myself thinking that another actor would be so much better in the part. Sean Bean and Richard Madden really outshine Kit Harrington in the charisma and acting talent department. Once again, mileage varies.

Does Tyrion die in the books, too? Then it could be the trifecta of suck.

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